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From 1st January 2013 some of our English languaged titles have been taken over by the Dutch publisher Brill www.brill.nl. This change has been necessary to ensure that our book series can continue to be published in hopefully many years ahead. The titles that are displayed here on our web site are those presently available from us. We will continue under the name ”Apollo Booksellers” while our web site www.apollobooks.com and e-mail address info@apollobooks.dk will remain the same.
In general, all foreign retail customers ordering our books will receive them from Goecke & Evers, Sportplatzweg 5, D-75210 Keltern-Weiler, Germany, phone 0049 7236 7174, fax 0049 7236 7325, books@insecta.de, www.insecta.de and to the Euro prices shown here at our web site. This is done in order to avoid that you as customer shall pay the Danish v.a.t. on 25% and instead you only pay German v.a.t. on 7%. The Euro prices are incl. German v.a.t. The DKK prices are excl. Danish v.a.t. Also German postage is considerably lower than the Danish. All prices on our web site are excl. postage.


Fra 1. januar 2013 er en del af vores engelsksprogede bøger blevet overtaget af det hollandske forlag Brill www.brill.nl. Denne beslutning er blevet taget for at sikre, at vores bogserier fortsat vil kunne udkomme i forhåbentlig mange år fremover. Her på vores hjemmeside finder du de titler, som vi stadig kan levere. Vores firmanavn vil fremover være ”Apollo Booksellers” mens vores hjemmeside www.apollobooks.com og e-mail info@apollobooks.dk vil vedblive at være den samme.
Generelt vil udenlandske kunder, der ikke er boghandlere og som bestiller bøger hos os, vil modtage disse fra vores tyske samarbejdspartner Goecke & Evers, Sportplatzweg 5, D-75210 Keltern-Weiler, Tyskland, tlf. 0049 7236 7174, fax 0049 7236 7325, books@insecta.de, www.insecta.de og til de Euro-priser, der er anført her på vores hjemmeside. Vi gør dette for at du som kunde kan modtage bøgerne med tysk moms på 7% og derved undgå den danske moms på 25%. Også de tyske porto er betragteligt lavere end den danske. Euro-priserne her på hjemmesiden er incl. tysk moms på 7% mens priserne i danske kroner (DKK) er excl. moms. Alle priser er desuden excl. porto.


Apollo Booksellers began business in 1984 and have since then developed into being one of the leading companies in entomological publishing. We regularly supply customers in about 60 countries worldwide and are well known among entomologists for our quality books. Our customers are amateurs as well as professional entomologists and institutional libraries. From 1st December 2005 we became entirely a publishing company, now with about 70 titles available, mainly on entomology.

We have stopped with producing paper catalogues, but we offer a news service with our News Bulletin. Please join our News Bulletin mailing list simply by sending an e-mail to us.

If you should have any questions concerning any of our books, please do not hesitate to contact us.