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Aarvik, Leif,  L. O. Hansen and V. Kononenko: Norges Sommerfugler. (Handbook on the Norwegian butterflies and macromoths).  2009. 20 x 26 cm. 432 pages. Illustrated throughout in colour. Text in Norwegian. Hardback.
ISBN  9788299692328  EUR 55.00 / DKK 380 excl. postage.

A very beautiful book that besides all macromoths also covers the micromoths traditionally collected by macro-lepidopterists such as Hepialidae, Sesiidae, Zygaenidae etc., totally 958 species. For each species a short text divided in the chapters Identification, Distribution, Larva, Imago and further there is a map to each species of the Norwegian distribution. All species are illustrated on the 163 colour plates, most of them slightly enlarged, which helps identification of especially the smaller species like the genera Idaea and Eupithecia. For each family a short introductionary chapter supplemented with some extremely beautiful colour photos of live butterflies and moths, often covering a whole page. The book has further short chapters on Lepidoptera, Habitats, Distribution patterns, How to study and collect Lepidoptera, Classification, Nomenclature. Both the photography and printing quality in this book is very good and can probably not be done better.

The book is published by the Entomological Society of Norway in co-operation with the Natural History Museum in Oslo. Apollo Books are appointed as sole distributors outside Norway for this book. 

Front page from Norges Sommerfugler Plate 23 from Norges Sommerfugler