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Kononenko, V.: Noctuidae Sibiricae. 24 x 17 cm. Softcover.
Vol. 1: An annotated check list of the Noctuidae (s. l.) (Insecta, Lepidoptera) of the Asian part of Russia and the Ural Region. 2005. 243 pages. ISBN 87-89430-12-3. . . EUR 55,00 /  DKK 380.00.
Vol. 2: Rivulinae to Agaristinae. 2010. 26 x 18 cm. 475 pages. 24 colour plates illustrating  560 species. 177 black and white plates of male and female genitalia of all species. Distribution maps. Text about distribution and differences to closely related species.  ISBN 978-87-89430-15-7.   EUR 140.00 / DKK 980.00

The aim of Noctuidae Sibiricae ‑ the first 2 volumes of four – is to fill the last large gap of knowledge concerning Noctuidae of the northern hemisphere: the vast area of Russian Sibiria from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Plate 20 from Noctuidae Sibiricae, vol 2. Plate 53 from Noctuidae Sibiricae, vol 2.